Morning Versus Night Time Skincare Routine

You may think that all you have to do is wash your face in the morning and night and be on your way. Maybe you might even put a little lotion, cream, or sunscreen on your face for a bit of protection. 

Although this may have worked for you in the past, it may be something to reconsider for the future. You want to protect that skin and prevent damage, right?!

The first step to building a new skincare routine is choosing the right products for your skin type. From there, it’s about figuring how to add them into your new regimen. To get best results, use the correct product at the right time. This will help increase the effectiveness of each product in your routine.

Now, remember, your daytime skincare routine is all about protection from the sun, dirt, and environmental factors. Whereas your nighttime routine is all about the treatment and giving your skin what it needs. In other words, daytime is all about protection and preservation, and nighttime is about addressing your skin before the regenerative process begins.



Remember, when you get ready in the morning, your skin needs to get ready too! Follow these steps to get you started:

Step One – Cleanse and wash your face in the morning to remove any oil built up by your skin overnight and remove any dead skin cells. Cleanse thoroughly with a gentle facial cleanser.

Step Two – Use a cotton ball to apply an alcohol-free toner all over your face. This will help your skin absorb moisturizer easier.

Step Three – Apply a facial serum that is rich in antioxidants – this will help restore moisture and elasticity in your skin. 

Step Four – Now it’s time to moisturize! Be sure to use the right daytime moisturizer for your skin. This will help protect it against environmental factors and keep that excess oil under wraps. 

Step Five – Time to complete the regime – top off your routine with an SPF to protect your skin from UV rays.


Did you know that your skin cells rejuvenate overnight? To help your skin during this process, aim to have a targeted regimen.

Step One  – Remove your makeup and all that environmental damage from the day with a gentle oil-based makeup remover

Step Two – Time to Cleanse! Once your makeup and dirt are removed, flush out your pores and give your skin a fresh and clean slate to repair itself naturally during sleep.

Step Three – Bring on the toner! Find a suitable option for your skin concerns. This step can become more vital if you deal with larger pores, uneven textures, or oily skin.  

Step Four – This step can be optional but isn’t recommended to skip! You spend a great deal of time in front of a computer, reading, driving, etc., which means your eyes can take a toll daily. Use an eye product to help reduce dark circles, fine lines or firm up the delicate skin around your eye area.

Step Five – Choose a serum that aims to provide powerful benefits. Most nighttime serums are made specifically to work with your skin’s natural nightly restoration for results you can see and feel in the morning! 

Step Six – The final step before you hit the pillow! Put on some night cream – this is the finishing touch! Be sure to choose a moisturizer that will help some of those aging or discoloration concerns. You may wake up with more youthful skin!  

In conclusions, morning versus nightime skincare routine is all about creating a routine that’s tailored to you. Pinning down what works for you and get the results you’d like may take some trial and error – but the result is entirely worth it!

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